(ATV) Blazer wheelie mod 1.0.2



Update 1.0.2 : Slightly better wheelie pull up and faster endo.. Added wheelie steering and better air flip spin for backflips and frontflips.

Update 1.0.0 This mod tweaks the Blazer so you can do a wheelie and an endo just like the Sanchez !!

How do I Install?
1.Download and Install OpenIV.
2. Open Up OpenIV
3. FInd The GTA 5 Main directory
4. Find the update folder then click the update.rpf package file go into common and then data then from there click "edit mode" can be found at the top bar.
5.Find the handling.meta file and right click it then click replace.
6.Choose the modded handling.meta file from the "Modded handling" Folder of the Download.
7.Click on Rebuild (Under the file Tab) and close all.

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First Upload: May 16, 2015 Last Updated: June 19, 2015