Tornado Gasser Stance 1.00



Gasser stance for the tornado. Will change all Tornado spawns (including beaters and convertibles) to nose lifted 'gasser' stance. Los Santos Customs suspension kits still work.Inspired by the movie Two Lane Blacktop.

Use OpenIV to go to common.rpf and find handling.meta in the common folder. From there you can either copy and replace the handling line individually (provided in the readme) or you can directly replace the handling.meta file

WARNING: if you have the steam version of the game this might be located in the update folder.

Thanks to FattyJoeMan for his Handling Editor:

you can redistribute/edit/use this mod in other modpacks just as long as you credit me for it.

First Upload: May 29, 2015 Last Updated: May 30, 2015