Stirling GT, Osiris, Vigero & Windsor (No Replace) Add-On Cars for 1.0.350 1.0


This pack includes all cars from latest DLC ILGG1. There is a pack, on GTA scene which enables all of this, but with various unknown bugs. I was playing safe, because I was only interested in cars and the possibility of crashing game is smaller with cars only.

Created from scratch, Inspired by mod from fly2012cl Link: /vehicles/pegassi-osiris Osiris was piece of cake, but the rest, Don't ask me.

Please, before doing anything, make backup first. Copy to temp folder update/update.rpf and update/x64/dlcpacks/mpchristmas2/dlc.rpf as a backup!!!

Create in root mods folder for OpenIV if you don't have it. Copy again those two archives as duplicate. Edit with OpenIV duplicates in mods folder by inserting exactly sorted files in aproppriate files and folders.

This mod is not for innexperienced users!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Content inside archive:
1. All cars files, sorted by folders, for replacements
2. SPG (single player garage) Floor_D,E 4 new car presets
3. Sjaak327 trainer.ini only with 20 cars presets and
6 color presets (Osiris is car No.8, Stirling No.16)
and teleport to 2 garages (on second trainer page.)
4. Osiris Replaced inside car texture (Pagani Logo)
5. Original handling for Osiris (handling.meta.bak)
6. New Screenshots

SPG Link:
sjaak327 Trainer Link:

If anything goes wrong, mod not working on your game, return to previous state by copying over files from backup. This is just beta test and it is very
complicating process to do it right. I spent few hours to see the first results, and few more to add second car. Third and fourth will be released soon.

Garage and Osiris in action:

First Upload: July 03, 2015 Last Updated: July 03, 2015