Road Chaos 3.0



Ever wished that you could use the industrial vehicles more often but were put off by them being so slow? Ever wished that the heist vehicle, The Insurgent, was faster and able to destroy the police when they try to road block you or ram you at high speed?

Welcome to Road Chaos.

At it's core it is based off of the "GTA IV Style Handling Mod For GTA V + Real Top Speed + Real Deformation 0.4" by obajtektsw92.I must give them credit as my work was adding to their handling.meta file (as I personally hate the default handling) I have permission to base my mod from his handling.meta mod as credited above.Thanks dude :)

The BullDozer, The Cutter, The Dump Truck & both versions of the Insurgent are now much faster than before and very very heavy making them the top choice for road & highway chaos.Added to this list is the BMX for some crazy road fun on a bicycle.

Also I have increased the mass of all non police vehicles so that the police injure themselves & their vehicles far more when they rear end (shunt) you. Revenge is sweet

V2 added: fix for exploding Insurgent, Cutter, Dump Truck & Bulldozer (Damage set at 0.0) I actually thought I had done this already but my notepad++ didn't save the file changes,or I'm just clumsy (perhaps both)
V 2.5:
Fixed deformation across the board (except police cars). You can have more smashing fun without wheels popping off or the deformation causing a vehicle to become useless too soon.

Added the BMX to the Road Chaos list of best vehicles.

The BMX is now really fast and heavy as hell making it push away normal vehicles like they were cardboard boxes

Reworked the commercial and industrial vehicles to actually be faster than default and not deform so easily (I missed data and didn't save previous edits)

Now includes an optional version: Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi the super fast mega tough Taxi. Get those Taxi missions done as fast as possible. Let nothing stand in your way but be careful, you may give your customers good reasons to change their underwear.


V 3 : Added more weight to commercial vehicles (Biff, Mule etc)
Sped up the police a bit more and reduced some of the collision damage (they were a bit boring dying so fast)

Optional Grenade Chaos Mod included, and previous version Road Chaos 2.5 included if you don't like the changes I made to the Police vehicles.

To install, it requires the OpenIV tool which you can get from:

OpenIV choose your GTA V install folder location, when ready select edit mode and OpenIV will install two ".asi" files that are needed to mod & run a modifed GTA V. If you don't the game will crash.Install my file to: GTAV\Update\update.rpf\common\data

Tested and working on GTAV.exe v1.0.3551/2. It has not been tested on the latest update 1.0.3xxxx (I don't know what the latest is as I don't update mine any more as I play only single player)


The easiest way to save your file before adding mine, is to drag your original handling.meta to somewhere on your HDD then add mine, or you can rename the original using the OpenIV tool to something like BAKUPhandling.meta then add mine.

First Upload: June 10, 2015 Last Updated: June 16, 2015