NRG900RR - IVPack Tuning Edit 1.0



IVPack Required

Did you know that NRG900 in your IVPack has the tuning option for the NRG900RR fairing and setup? And did you also know it's been there for probably years? And that nobody has set it up and released it? Well now yall know. Apparently the tuning part has caused the pack developers some crashes in the past. Lemme know if yall have any problems with it (besides the ones listed below, still tryna see wassup with those).

The 900RR body is now enabled as a tuning option for the IVPack's NRG900. The colours and windshield work perfectly. The headlights on the 900RR body do NOT illuminate and the windshield on the 900F will NOT disappear when modifying (seen in the second screenshot). Why? I dunno. I'm open to anyone fixing this. It's not my model anyway. Also there's a giant space under the gauge cluster (also seen in the second screen). I dunno why, but the NRG's model was never really loved in the first place. The carcols and mod shop entry files are provided in case you have an already modified IVPack. Enjoy and hope someone picks this up and touches it up.

IVPack available : here

First Upload: October 07, 2021 Last Updated: October 07, 2021