MTL Trucks Improvements Pack [Add-On / Replace] 3.2.1 - Tow Update

Featured Lore Friendly Vanilla Edit Truck


Model names:
Packer - packer
Rollback Flatbed - flatbed
Pounder Flatbed - pounder
Wrecker - towtruck3

Update log:
Previous changes can be found in the Changelog.txt file inside the .zip archive you download.
- MTL Wrecker improvements:
-- Longer chassis for more realistic proportions
-- Openable compartments
-- New exhaust design, with the original one available as a customisation option
-- New lighting setup
-- Functional boom floodlights
-- Slight handling changes
- MTL Flatbed lighting setup rework, now has optional halogen traffic advisor and LED beacons
- DLS 1.4.0 support: multiple lighting stages, scene lights on Wrecker and functional floodlights on Flatbed
- vehicles.meta improvements: better components spawn logic, improved first person camera position

Known issues:
- Foldable tow bar on Wrecker is in fact useless - rough GTA collisions interaction physics make it very tricky to work with and likely to cause severe damage to both the towtruck and towed vehicle. It's left working for immersion purposes and roleplay, but don't expect it to behave.

Rockstar Games - original models
SCS Software - original flatbed model
TheF3nt0n - flat bed conversion from American Truck Simulator
AlexanderLB - brake handles texture
Bob322, Monkeypolice188 - original wheels models
Monkeypolice188 - traffic cones prop
Skitty - Wiwang ELS Controller
AlexanderLB - Wiwang ELS controller textures
Voit Turyv - LED light modules
Jacobmaate - antennas, LED emissive texture (vehicle_generic_rbwa)
TheSecretPower - clean high quality Casey's Highway Clearance decals, Al's Auto Repair and Auto Exotic liveries
(Ambient) - Ol' Bobz', Two Tone, Beeker's Garage liveries for Flatbed
cranlet - Autocare livery for Wrecker

- You're allowed to use this mod on FiveM servers. No need to ask for permission, but I would appreciate if you let me know if this mod is going to be installed on a multiplayer project. Contact me either in comments on this page or via Discord DMs - w/#7263, thanks.
- You can use my assets, except of those that are found on locked models. See credits list above to find what is mine and what is not.
- You're required to get permissions from asset creators if you're going to use their work, listed above.

First Upload: March 31, 2019 Last Updated: January 20, 2021