Mercedes Benz E63 AMG + Sound & Handling & Tuning 4.0



~~Model By : zQrba : Nice model m8.~~

NOTICE*** There is a version 3.0 uploaded by me but it was the wrong files so please ignrore that one ans use this one!

Changed the sound to be more realistic and the values of the Handling.
Realistic Sound and Top Speed. Also has Tuning.

Changelog :
1.0 First version mainly handling and sound.
2.0 Fixed the glass * now breakable, bug fixing.
3.0 Minor bug Fixing + option for drift or stiff (realistic) handling.

First Mod so dont be rude in the comments.
Keep in mind this is just a sound and handling mod...

If you have suggestions for other mods then write them in the comment,
im more then happy to read them and your feedback.

Description On installing it in the File.....
Replaces the Schafter 2

If you guys need help then, feel free to add me on skype :

First Upload: August 27, 2015 Last Updated: August 29, 2015