Karin Everon Stock [Add-On] 1.3

Lore Friendly Fictional Add-On Vanilla Edit Truck


"The Karin Everon is the latest line of super-reliable trucks from Karin, dating all the way back to the Rebel. This truck can be used for anything, from scaling a volcano, to reaching the magnetic north-pole and obviously stage a coup or for insurgencies, but we don't talk about that. " -Southern San Andreas Super Autos

1.3: Hotfix to a poly that refused to move at the back left wheel arch on L1 and the chassis. Thanks to Patão_Innertubey for reporting!
1.2: Added new Stock wheels and handling, thanks to 11john11 for them!
1.1: Small wheel wobble fix. Thanks to gunziness for reporting!
1.0: Initial Release

This is the Karin Everon without the Artic Trucks inspired monster wheels and axles, scaled down fenders and a few US spec additions like the middle break inspired by the Tacoma, even though this is hilux based but who cares, lore friendlyness go brr xD

Spawn name: everonb

Features and bugs
All ingame basic functions (LODs, Glass Shards, Tuning from the original)
Let me know if there are bugs here or on discord. It was beta tested but something can always be missed.

Installation instructions
Basic easy to install DLC format. Add the bravoeveron to the dlc directory and add lines on dlclist. Full pathways in the readme.

Original model: Rockstar Games
Model tweaking: Bravo-one-charlie and Jacobmaate
Wheels and handling: 11john11
Proelio Procusi: final screenshot

For permission to use assets made by me, message me.
Do not reupload without permission to any other website
Do not try to profit from this, especially fivem servers that want to use my mods as payed perks. It should be free for use by anyone.

First Upload: February 02, 2021 Last Updated: February 10, 2021