In-Universe Transformers Vehicles Remastered [Menyoo] 2.0 Hotfix



This is a remastered version of my very first mod!

It's pretty robust and bare-bones but I've been lacking motivation so I wanted to remaster my very first pack! Some characters have been removed since in three and a half years Rockstar has added tons of new vehicles. Most have been redone and many have been added. It contains pretty well-known and obscure characters and to aid with the identification of the characters, some have G1, DOTM, Bayverse, etc at the end of their names.

Update 2.0 Hotfix:
- Fixed Flying Vehicon (I hope?)
- Updated Sqweeks

Update 2.0:
- Added 10 new characters; Flying Vehicon, Preceptor, Stratosphere, Kup, Nemesis Prime, Goldbug, Arcee, Lady, Downshift & Big Daddy
- Redid Chromia and Bumblebee

Note: The flying Vehicon works like the Deluxo. Just press A on your controller to engage flight mode.

Installation instructions:
- Open bots.rar
- Drag and drop the New Bots folder into Grand Theft Auto V/ menyooStuff/Vehicle

And you're done! Enjoy!

First Upload: February 05, 2021 Last Updated: February 06, 2021