Improved Declasse Lifeguard [Replace] 1.2

Emergency Lore Friendly Car Vanilla Edit SUV


Do not modify or re-upload this modification without authors' permissions. Do not exploit the contents of this modification for commercial, financial or personal gain. This modification is intended for singleplayer use, but feel free to add these assets to FiveM and RageMP at your own risk as long as permissions are requested and full credits are given. We do not do FiveM or RageMP technical support and do not ask for an ELS or DLS version.

This mod improves the default Lifeguard SUV. It is equipped with two different lightbars that may appear interchangeably, it also has a few equipment inside the trunk, wobbling antennas, a tow hitch, and new wheels that replace the default ones. The livery has been improved to correct the inconsistencies on the right side and rear part of the vehicle.

An optional livery of the Lifeguard livery for anyone who prefers the original livery for the vehicle. In order to make the vehicle work properly, make sure to read the installation text file inside the mod's archive file. The SirenSetting ID used in this mod is 990. SirenSetting Limit Adjuster is required for this vehicle.

- Rockstar Games - Original models
- TheF3nt0n - Model edits
- AlexanderLB - Textures
- 11john11 - Lighting patterns, improved rims and screenshots
- Nacho - LED lightbar
- RooST4R - Improved rims
- Weeby - MX7000 lightbar
- Skitty - Emergency vehicle console

- 1.0 - Initial release
- 1.1 - Fixed a visual bug on the middle brake light and holes on both sides of the rear passenger seat
- 1.2 - Removed some left-over parts from the original Vanilla Granger

First Upload: January 07, 2021 Last Updated: January 24, 2021