Honda Civic Type R EK9 Handling v1.1



Note: This version has the fixed Read Me. Sorry again.

This is handling to go with YCA-y97y's EK9 Civic Type R. This handling is as realistic as I could make it and is relatively close to what the real Civic handles like; top speed is about 140mph, 0-60 is slightly faster than real life at around 6.3s but 0-100 is pretty much spot on. I also changed the weight to it's actual one of 1090kg and I gave it quite a bit of lift-off oversteer so if it's too much, let me know. There are no bugs as far as I know but if you find one or have any other feedback I will try and fix it.

Full credit for the model goes to YCA-y97y. Download the model files at /vehicles/honda-civic-type-r-ek9.

Installation instructions in Read Me.

First Upload: November 20, 2015 Last Updated: November 21, 2015