DC-9-15 1.2



DC-9-15 V.1.0

FINALLY ! Use Enhanced Native Trainer Update 28 to remplaze the plane
with luxor and it going to works perfect :)


this time i bring it to you this DC-9-15 original author is
SkylineGTRFreak that was converted to
GTA SA long time ago. i convert it and add new features to it
the plane have this features :

1. 3D Cockpit with working ligths
2. HQ Textures
3. working , rudder, spoilers , wheels , elevators & speedbrake
4. working ligths
5. easy to get in
6. realistic size

Instalation :

1. Use OpenIV to remplaze the files on :
OpenIv > GTA V > Update > X64 > Dlcpacks > Patchday1ng > DLC.rpf
> X64 > Levels > GTA 5 > Vehicles.rpf.

2. remplaze : milket.yft , miljet.ytd , miljet_hi.yft , miljet+hi.ytd

3. Done!

° theyre some bugs! i didnt test the plane so much time to fix it.
if you see some bug please contact me on my email or send me some PM

thanks for download it ! have a nice fly :)

Special thanks to my friend SkylineGTRfreak for the main model.
Special thanks to my friend Apex for show me how to convert cars/planes.

First Upload: August 23, 2015 Last Updated: August 23, 2015