Bravado Buffalo Police TRU Pack [Add-On] 12/23/2021

Emergency Lore Friendly Add-On Car Vanilla Edit


- Replace with Buffalo SX
- Delete all SA department. The old vesion (pic4,5) download button will be retained

recommend DLS config made by neversober81

If your emergency light doesn't work or they're in the wrong place,this is because they conflict with other mod. Use this SirenSetting Limit Adjuster
If the game crashes during the loading screen. Use custom gameconfig, you can find them on this website.

1. copy the 'trubuffalo' folder to the file path "mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/"
2. open OpenIV, navigate to 'dlclist.xml' in "mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/". Add "< Item>dlcpacks:/trubuffalo/< /Item>"

Spawn Name:

Thanks for RED-ITA's hot pics(2)
- Rockstar Games - original model
- Dani02 - stock BuffaloS
- Jacobmaate - LED modules; vanilla style Arjent lightbar; SAHP assembly; all SAHP assets; antennas; SAHP livery; emissive textures
- Voit Turyv - various LED modules; antennas; wheels; loudspeaker; pushbar; dashcam; interior console, police computer; custom sounds
- 11john11 - round ALPRs; speed radar; vanilla style Legacy lightbar; trackify stolen vehicle tracking system; spotlights; BuffaloS rims; improved interior console; LSPD liveries
- TheF3nt0n - mapped BuffaloS
- Bravo-One-Charlie - black Grille; lightbar feet
- Nachtfliege - Improved Buffalo SX; cage; wraparound pushbar; spotlights
- Vx5 Voltage - toughbook computer; overhauled Buffalo; bumper stickers
- Allen - Arjent glass fixes
- w/ - LED modules; vanilla style Arjent lightbar fixes; improved speed radar, improved lightbar feet; trunk equipment
- LamboFreak - BuffaloS new headlight; custom sounds
- Lt.Caine - new Buffalo taillight design
- AlexanderLB - BuffaloS badges, wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture; various LSPD decals; SAHP text logo; police computer texture
- Skitty - Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model; ALPR model; interior lights for the unmarked Buffalo
- SAS994 - lighting setups

First Upload: November 27, 2019 Last Updated: December 23, 2021