Arcade-Realism Handling 0.961



Note: As I tune cars using a controller, this mod is works best when having finer controls like a controller or wheel, rather than using the keyboard.

Update 0.97: Finished tweaking all motorcycles (list in images). Some of the off-road bikes behave differently, especially on asphalt. This is because they were primarily tuned for off-road driving.
Check out how well the Oppressor flies!
Fixed bugs with the steering wheel positions on spawned bikes, and a handling issue with the Comet S2 convertible. Both pointed out by @Laksh akre.

I've worked for over 1,200 hours on modifying every single land vehicle in GTA V, including DLC vehicles. I'm trying to find a nice balance between more realistic vehicle behaviour, and a fun/arcade style of driving. I sincerely hope you find this mod enjoyable.

- Pretty much every changeable value has been edited. Mass, top speeds, acceleration, grip, suspension, drag and downforce, ...
- Vehicles have slightly less grip and breaking force, but still enough to be fun to drive.
- Suspension upgrades give (most cars) stiffer springs and more grip.
- Crashes and accidents cause a bit more damage. If you don't like this, I recommend you buy armour for your vehicle.
- Vehicles have a better sense of weight to them.
- Removed ABS from older cars. Later vehicles from around the '90s have it as an option (Get in a Blista Compact and find out!).
- Cars like the Adder can reach 400 plus km/h, similar to their real life counterparts. In fact, all cars have speeds closer to their real-life counter parts.
- Some more advanced vehicle settings that were only possible after later GTA updates have been applied to vehicles from before those updates.
- So much more... I even added some hidden features in there. (Let me know if you think you've found one!)

Use OpenIV to replace the handling.meta file in mods/update/update.rpf/common/data folder. Make a back-up if you want to.

Since all vehicle files are in one file, GTA V can crash loading in so many vehicles. To easily fix this, I recommend using Delapidated's config file mod, and the three others he suggested:
- /misc/gameconfig-xml-dilapidated

More coming soon!

First Upload: September 23, 2021 Last Updated: January 18, 2022