A-12A Avenger II Navy Stealth Bomber [Add-On] 1.0

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This is a kind of unique aircraft... The A-12A Avenger II aka Flying Dorito. The whole body is a single triangle and that's it. And yes, this was a real aircraft. Unfortunately it got cancelled during development due to cost overruns and technical problems with only one mock-up remaining in a museum today. It was meant to replace the A-6 Intruder in the US Navy and Marines branches.

At least you can now take the A-12A to the skies in GTA V. The wingtips can be folded up and down, the arresting hook and in-flight refueling stick can be deployed and the weapon bays are openable. Includes 6 custom skins with multi-livery ability.

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Original Model:
FSX - Tim "Piglet" Conrad
Custom Squadron Textures by - Paul [JAFO] Martin and Tommy Mitomi

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First Upload: November 16, 2016 Last Updated: November 18, 2016