ToolsV - Launcher, mod manager, toolpack

Config Editor Mod Manager Open Source


ToolsV is the ultimate launcher & mod manager for GTA V.
This project is open-source - if you found a bug or have a suggestion you can let me now
here or on the project GitHub page.

[Highlighted features]
* Pre-configured game start modes
--- Singleplayer with mods
--- Singleplayer wthout mods
--- Direct online (without mods)
--- Normal (does not change anything)
* Built-in mod manager
--- Enable/disable particular mods
* Commandline editor
--- Toggle any available flag via ToolsV's interface
* Game installation info viewer
--- Installation directory path
--- Patch version
--- Language
--- Edition (Steam/Rockstar)
* Mod detection status
* Automatic ScriptHookV checker
--- Warning when version is not compatible

ToolsV works as a standalone program - it does not need any installation.
Place in anywhere you like and launch it.

[Additional requirements]
* .Net Framework 4.5.2

[Changelog & older releases]
Changelog and older releases of the program are on the project GitHub page.

First Upload: January 31, 2018 Last Updated: February 04, 2018