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Mod Activator Description:
It is nothing more than a multi-function program that allows you to use the mods easily and quickly. the mods (plugins, asi) that are most commonly used in GTAV & Red Dead Redemption 2 are collected. They are constantly updated making sure the latest version is always available.

Program availability:

GTAV Built-in (.asi) modes:
- OpenIV
- Script Hook V
- ScriptHookVDotNet
- Add-On Vehicle Spawner
- Singleplayer Snow

GTAV Downloadable content:
-Hungarian translation
-Add-On vehicles
-CodeWalker Map Editor

GTAV Extra menu items:
GTAV - .rpf unpacker
GTAV - Create .rpf
GTAV - Quick installation of vehicles (ADD-ON)
GTAV - Create a new DLC (Map, Vehicle)
GTAV - CodeWalker Map Editor & Create an Add-On Map
GTAV - Command Lines Tool
GTAV - Add-On DLC installer and uninstaller
GTAV - gtx2 converter(.gxt2 converter by Th0mAc3)

Creating GTA V Map Add-On:
Mod Activator help you easily create add-on DLC Map, you can easily share with others afterwards.

The following files can be imported using Mod Activator:
.ymap .ytyp manifest.ymf .ydr .ytd .ybn .ynd .dat

Other integrated utilities:
- Create an .ytyp xml file (xml editor) and generate a .ytyp file
- manifest.ymf Create xml file (xml editor) and generate a .ymf file
- .ynd area map (by:dexyfex)
- YTYP Generator [ODRS] (Skylumz made according to your program!)

Red Dead Redemption 2 Built-in (.asi) modes:
- Script Hook V
- ScriptHookVDotNet
- Rampage Trainer
- Mod Loader

RDR2 Extra menu items:
RDR2 - yldb converter (.yldb converter by Th0mAc3)

Mod Activator uses the source code of CodeWalker (codewalker.core.dll), which is the intellectual property of dexyfex Licence

The program was not created to abuse its other intellectual product, but to help users who have no experience with GTAV& Red Dead Redemption 2 modification.

System requirements:
-1GB ram or more
-Net Framework 4.8 Download
-Operating system: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
-Continuous internet connection

First Upload: March 19, 2022 Last Updated: March 20, 2022