Map Editor Object Names App 3.1.0



Thanks Alot!
This App is as i said Still Alive with Updates :P
3.1.0 is now out.
+ Added Grass and Plant Groups
+ Added More Huge Rocks
+ Added Decorations (More to come in Next Update!)
+ Added Cranes (More to come in Next Update!)
+ Added to Unsorted: BIG TREE WITH DIRT (HUGE!)
Next Updates, what is planned?
3.2.0 : More Object Names to List, as able to Read in Changelog.
This Android App is a Tool for All Modders working with the Map Editor, some Object Names requires: Rename Expanded Objectlist to Objectlist or gtamp-unlock-all-objects Mod.
** I Work on a Bigger Modding Help Tool for Android soon **
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It Shows you a Ton of Working Object Names that are Working on Map Editor Sorted and Unsorted.
This Tool will make your Work alot of easier, instead of Searching for an Object
Infomation: Make sure, Unknown Sources is Enabled on your Android Phone otherwise it will not work!
Yours sincerely.

First Upload: July 10, 2016 Last Updated: November 13, 2016