GTA V Achievement/Trophy Photoshop Style 1.0



This file gives you the assets needed to make your own graphics that replicate the look of the Achievements/Trophies for Grand Theft Auto V.


How to Install:

With Winzip/Winrar, extract the folder " GTA V Achievement.Trophy Style " to your desktop


Things you will need:
-Photoshop (I used CC 2013)
-GTA V Emblem Style.asl

If you don't know how to install and use Styles for Photoshop this guide:

should help you out.

-Next, decide what parts of your image will be used for the background and foreground.
-Use the Magic Wand tool, play around with it until you have all the things you want to delete
-Delete those things
-Go to your Styles Tab in Photoshop and select the last one, which will be the GTA V Achievement Style
-Your finished product should look something like the Examples on the right.

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These files were uploaded to be used by the Grand Theft Auto V community. Feel free to make your own enhancements and edits to it.

You don't need my permission or anything so use these files for whatever you want.

First Upload: June 16, 2015 Last Updated: June 16, 2015