GTA Addon Car Installer 2.0.0

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I saw that the current installer was a bit messy in explaining what to do, so I decided to "remaster" it, create an actual UI, add multiple cars at once support and explain it better.

The tutorial is in the .zip named Tutorial.txt but here is the tutorial anyway:

GTA V Addon Car Installer Tutorial


- The Application
- A brain
- Your dlclist.xml
- Any car

Setting up a car:

1 - Grab the folder with the name of the car, so it will be a folder with a dlc.rpf in.
2 - Put that folder in your car folder


1 - Grab your dlclist.xml and place it in the root folder (same as the application)
2 - Open the dlclist.xml and remove the following lines:

3 - Save the dlclist.xml and open the application
4 - Go to Installer tab
5 - Change the mods Location folder to your GTA mods folder
6 - Change the cars location folder to where you downloaded your cars
7 - Press Start and watch the magic happen.
8 - The application will notify you when it's done, once it is finished, drag your dlclist.xml back into OpenIV and load GTA!

This program was heavily inspired by the current Car Install on, I just decided to make a UI and a better explanation :)

Have fun :)



- Overhauled UI
- Made everything install automatically, all you need to do is run the tool and have the required files. :)

First Upload: July 06, 2022 Last Updated: July 13, 2022