Generic Car Parts (ZModeler3 Resource) 2.0



A collection of useful parts for modelers to use on any vehicle they wish to edit.

Added a second file with a bunch more parts.
(these new ones were released early access in my group mods this is just the public release update)

As you can see from the screenshot where I attached every part to an ambulance they will all work ingame no problems and include lots of random things from bullbars to spoilers

This is only a few parts I converted to work with GTA V if people find this file useful then I'll update it with more things

They are all textured as (paintable/tintable) Carbon fibre, they all use the same texture file so there isn't a load of annoying textures to wade through to install them onto a vehicle or to change the texture to something else like pure black etc

1st pack File is a .ytf and .ytd file so can be imported into any zmodeler3 project. the 2nd pack file is still in zmodeler format and you will have to either save it as a .yft or import your project car into that file

90% of Parts have not been taken from GTA V vehicles or files they're all fresh converts to V

Other Useful Resource files;

Lightbars by Mrprime /tools/gta-v-default-lightbars

Police Car accessories by BizzleZX10R

My site where Private Release and VIP mods can be seen

Facebook group where group release and early access mods can be found

First Upload: April 04, 2016 Last Updated: June 23, 2016