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Community Contextual Menu API provides modders a whole new way of getting players to interact with the GTA V world: it brings a 'point & click' menu which lets players point at specific entities or positions and interact with them. No longer will users need to remember a myriad of hotkeys to use their favorite mods.

Each menu item can be assigned any number of menu actions by your mod, and those actions will appear ONLY for the object(s) of your choosing.

Implementation is extremely easy, yet the API is incredibly powerful.

The menu has two main modes:

  • The "Real-Time" menu
    Where you can select options in real-time by scrolling through the icons.

  • The "Detailed" menu
    Which works pretty much like GTA's Weapons Wheel, where time slows down and you can select your preferred menu option/icon by moving your mouse. This menu is split into sections (center, left, right, bottom), and as a developer you can add your icon to whichever section you feel is most appropriate.

    Tutorial for players: how to use the menu

    Watch a super-fast (2:30 minutes) tutorial here:

    Script Hook V (/tools/script-hook-v)
    Community Script Hook V .NET (

    Unzip to your MAIN GTA V FOLDER.

    You can modify ContextualMenuAPI.ini to modify hotkeys and more. Detailed info inside the INI file.

    Technical info for modders: how it works
    Download the documentation & samples package. It is extremely easy to use!

    Known issues
    - In the detailed menu, the text that displays the 'friendly name' of each menu item appears in the background sometimes.


    FEATURE: New menu type, the Floating Icon Menu.
    FEATURE: Function DetectElementAtCameraCenter.
    FEATURE: keyDetectionEnabled; will enable and disable the detection of keypresses for the menu instance
    FEATURE: Blur effect background

    - First version
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  • First Upload: April 03, 2018 Last Updated: April 20, 2018