BokomProject Handling/Weapon Editor 1.8

Config Editor


First! You need to open the Version.json file and add in your gameversion:
-"Social Club" - (default)
-"Epic Games"
F3 - Open/Close menu
ShiftF3 - Apply changes

You can run gta v in window screen - borderless (full size) and menu with overlay over it
Use commas when writing values. Because of the points, the mod will be thrown out. Also, when writing a car, the name from the game data is used, that is:
"yosemite3 = Declasse Yosimite Custom 4x4"

Name input works in hidden mode (not visible visually) and only in English.
There is a description of the vehicle settings. To see them, you need to hover the cursor over the value you need, after which a tooltip with a description will appear
When entering values, use only numbers and commas, otherwise there will be a crash when applying the settings.

Don't forget to read the readme file

Added new cars:
1. Karin Calico GTF - calico
2. Pfister Comet S2 - comet6
3. Cypher - cypher
4. Vapid Dominator ASP - dominator7
5. Vapid Dominator GTT - dominator8
6. Annis Euros - euros
7. Karin Futo GTX - futo2
8. Pfister Growler - growler
9. Dinka Jester RR - jester4
10. Karin Previon - previon
11. Annis Remus - remus
12. Dinka RT3000 - rt3000
13. Karin Sultan RS Classic - sultan3
14. Obey Tailgater S - tailgater2
15. Emperor Vectre - vectre
16. Vulcar Warrener HKR - warrener2
17. Annis ZR350 - zr350

Added new cars and weapon editor. To activate, press button "W" in menu interface

First Upload: April 30, 2021 Last Updated: March 11, 2022