[BASE] MkUI For Developpeur 1.0



Hello today i'm share MkUI v1.0 - it's script for Developpeur

What is MkUI v1.0 ?
MkUI: is not a Trainer but is an UI design use to create option and selection for mission or mod.
Example: You create a Garage mod for SinglePlayer.
And you want add a selection menu to select car.
You can use MkUI because it's very simple to use.

Changelog v1.0

  • Add function rapidly !
  • Edit design & color rapidly !
  • You can't create page !
  • Edit key to use
  • Beautyful !

Default KeyBoard
  • NUMPAD2 - Scroll Down
  • NUMPAD8 - Scroll Up
  • NUMPAD5 - Select
  • NUMPAD0 - Open
  • NUMPAD8 - Close
  • You can't create page !

Developped in C# this is a BASE UI you can't share your project with this script. But add credit please !
Thank to read and have nice day or night.

Virus Scan link !

First Upload: April 27, 2018 Last Updated: April 28, 2018