Add On Car Install Helper / Premium Deluxe Motorsport Manager / Language Generator 2.0


This tool attempts to make installing add-on cars easier by automating some of the stuff you'd normally have to do by hand.

Version 2.0 Features include:

DLC List Generator

  • Automatically generates DLCList inserts from a folder containing car downloads

Premium Deluxe Auto Manager
  • Allows you to import a list of vehicle.meta files and automatically convert them into .ini files that are compatible with ImNotMentaL's Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership mod
  • Once vehicle.meta files are imported, you can edit the Name/Make/Price etc. of the cars to determine how they will appear at the Premium Deluxe Shop in game
  • Allows bulk editing of cars via different filter options on Make/Class/Price, etc.
  • The 'Class' value of a vehicle will determine how vehicles are grouped, and will output different .ini files for each class name. Ex. '', 'sedan.ini'
  • Allows merging and editing of base game .ini files for Premium Deluxe as well

Language Generator
  • Takes a folder full of .gxt2 files and attempts to match the hash values to the model and make names from imported vehicle.meta files. Once mapped, you can edit the in-game display names of vehicle models and makes so that names are no longer missing or incorrect when entering vehicles
  • More features planned

Vehicle Meta File Manager
  • Can take a folder full of loose .meta files related to add-on vehicles (vehicles.meta, handling.meta, carcols.meta, etc.) and attempts to filter and organize them into subfolders based on the vehicle model. This is mainly for future compatibility with mietek_'s mmvehiclesmetamerger mod
  • More features planned

Source Code

First Upload: August 07, 2022 Last Updated: August 15, 2022