TurboFix 2.3.0

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TurboFix 2
TurboFix 2 overhauls how the turbo upgrade works, with meaningful performance increases and new effects.


  • Unlock turbo boost limits
  • Customizable boost buildup and release (Default sounds by Dieguuuds)
  • Actual functional anti-lag with effects
  • Active on NPC vehicles too
  • Customizable turbo dial behavior


Installation and usage
  • Drag and drop TurboFix.asi, irrKlang.dll and the TurboFix folder to the main GTA V folder.
  • In-game: Immediately works for all cars with the turbo tuning option
  • In-game: Use "turbofix" cheat (without quotes) to open the menu (open the cheat box with tilde (~))
  • Menu can be used to view, customize and save configurations

The hotkeys, gamepad buttons or cheat code to open the menu can be changed in settings_menu.ini.

Configs can be manually made when not using the in-game menu, check TurboFix/Configs/INSTRUCTIONS.txt for info.

Sound sets can be added by creating a new folder in the Sounds folder. Files are:

  • EX_POP_0.wav
  • EX_POP_(number).wav
  • EX_POP_SUB.wav

E.g. to get 16 sounds playing, name your files EX_POP_0.wav through EX_POP_15.wav.

The script randomly plays a numbered exhaust sound. Sub always plays.

Recommended mods

A speedometer that can show turbo, or a vehicle with a working boost/vacuum gauge.

Let me know if I'm missing other cars or speedometers with working turbo gauges.

Known issues
  • Sound samples aren't stellar
  • Original game turbo sounds aren't overwritten (blowoff sound, most annoyingly)
  • Tuned exhaust positions don't update (ptfx, audio)

Can this be ported to FiveM?
No. This is not a FiveM script, just a ScriptHookV script. I am not interested in converting anything to FiveM.

What are the default anti-lag sounds?

They are from Dieguuuds who extracted them from this EVO 9 anti-lag video, to whom I'm really grateful!

* Add boost falloff parameters, which can be used to simulate small turbos

  • Update default anti-lag soundset to a more realistic and subtle version, thanks to Dieguuds!
  • Remove Enable toggle. The script is always active.
  • Only support single model and single plate configs. Existing configs are still compatible, but only the first model and plate are used.
  • Move saving out of configuration menu, into its own menu, with multiple options.
    • Overwrite save: Save current settings over old settings
    • Specific save: Save current settings for the specific vehicle+plate combination
    • Generic save: Save current settings for the vehicle model
    • Non-associated save: Save without any autoloading capability

  • Add loading functionality: Any configuration can now be loaded into the current configuration.
  • Saving only asks for configuration name, as model is saved automatically. Install Add-on Spawner so the script can also always figure out the correct model name, to write to in the config file.
  • Add turbo stats on main page
  • Fix anti-lag soundset index for menu

Allow setting min RPM for anti-lag
Fix antilag on reverse
Fix issues when reloading a save
Minor bug fixes and general improvements

Support any number of exhaust sfx files.

It will search the sound set folder for any EX_POP_(number).wav file until it finds none. E.g. EX_POP_0.wav through EX_POP_15.wav

Fix config saving issues

  • Rewrite
  • Add anti-lag with sfx and ptfx
  • Add boost dial correction options
  • Add boost-by-gear
  • Run turbo script for NPC vehicles

First Upload: January 03, 2021 Last Updated: October 29, 2021