PermanentWeather 1.0.1

.Net Gameplay


A mod that "permanently" (you can disable it, so it's not a true permanent) sets the in-game weather to be the weather you want it to be. The weather will stay the same even after restarting the game.

Install Script Hook V.
Install Script Hook V .NET.
Copy PermanentWeather.dll and PermanentWeather.ini to the scripts folder in your GTA V directory.

Press Control + U to toggle the mod (setting of the weather).
Press Control + I to open and close the menu from which you can select a different weather to set permanently.
Press NumPad8 to scroll up in the menu, NumPad2 to scroll down, and NumPad5 to select.

Things you can set/change in the INI file:
The colors of the menu (selected item and non-selected item) (list of colors) (SELECTED_ITEM_COLOR & NON_SELECTED_ITEM_COLOR).
Have the mod enabled on startup or not (ENABLED_ON_STARTUP).
The weather that is set permanently (list of weather names) (WEATHER_TO_SET_TO).
Whether to randomize the weather when you disable the mod or not (RANDOMIZE_WEATHER_WHEN_DISABLE).
Whether to show a notification when the weather changes unexpectedly (like from a trainer) (SHOW_NOTIFICATION_WHEN_WEATHER_CHANGES_UNEXPECTEDLY).
All of the keys (list of keys) (you can disable the HOLD_KEY keys by setting them to "None" (without quotes)).

ENABLED_ON_STARTUP in the INI file will be changed now when you toggle the mod in-game.

Alexander Blade: For Script Hook V.
crosire: For Script Hook V .NET.
RiceBox: For the request.
Jitnaught: For writing the script.

First Upload: June 18, 2016 Last Updated: June 18, 2016