LSTransit Bus Mod 1.3

Mission Gameplay



> Install or make sure you have installed Scripthook V .NET
> Copy LSTransit.dll & LSTransit folder to GTA V\Scripts\


> During gameplay enter the map, bus routes are marked with
green blips, simply drive to the bus route and enter the bus.

Changelog 1.1

> Added new GUI.
> Added new route "Strawberry".
> Added player voice on bus stops.
> Fixed frozen passengers issue.
> Player gets $150 for finishing route.

Changelog 1.2

> Fixed passengers not leaving bus.
Wait for 15 seconds, if passengers are not leaving they will be forced out of the bus.

Changelog 1.3

> Improved passengers behaviour.
> Added new short routes (El Burro Heights & Cypress Flats).
> Added .ini configuration file (reloading on every route start).

ATTENTION **********************************************************

> Do not stop too close to te sidewalk or any other edge,
try to keep your bus in the middle of the lane otherwise
passengers will get stuck, if that happens simply wait couple
of seconds and they will be warped into / out of the bus !

First Upload: October 21, 2018 Last Updated: March 09, 2019