GTA IV Carjacking 2.0

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Now Peds will react like in GTA IV when you aim a gun on them to steal their car

- Carjacking like in GTA IV (People will get out of their car and raise their hands if you aim a gun on them. Most of the Peds will do that in the game, but not everyone, some still try to run over you)
- People raise their hands up if you aim on them (Feature Credit Eddlm :

v2.0 - Peds doesn't drop their wallet anymore

Installation [Manual]
1. install Scripthook V and Community ScritphookV
2. create a folder in your gta directory and name it "scripts"
3. Place GTA IV Carjacking.dll in the scripts folder

Credit :
Eddlm for the Rob People feature

First Upload: October 27, 2021 Last Updated: October 30, 2021