Doomsday Act3 Teaser Survival Mod 1.0

Mission Gameplay


Special thanks to Mcal9909 and hkh for the help on this project it is much appreciated and very helpful

This teaser is just to hold anybody off who wants my next update for doomsday heist so here is an infinite survival challenge in the nuclear silo
To play go through the nuclear base until you see a yellow circle and start it from there.

REMEMBER if you need help finding it don't be afraid to ask me in my discord server.

You need enable-all-interiors to get this to work

iI will not progress with this mod any further as this is a teaser and not the actual heist this is just something to have fun with and play while awaiting my updates thanks for your cooperation.

Base mod and no other updates

First Upload: August 17, 2020 Last Updated: August 17, 2020