WW2 German uniforms for MP Male 1.0

Skin Clothing


WW2 German officer uniforms for mp male

WW2 German officer uniforms for mp male, mostly ported from rebellion's sniper elite 4. I made these as I thought there weren't many good quality ww2 german uniform mods out there. This is not an addonped mod, it is a clothing mod for mp male characters! Great for Fivem, roleplaying and historic scenery makings

Requirements: OpenIV

Installation: Just rename and replace the files to go along with your wanted textures in openiv,
and it will show up in-game!
*As long as the ydd and ytd files names are matched, textures will show up correctly

features: German officer uniforms for MP Male - All of high quality!
uniforms - officer, general, summer&kreigsmarine version
visors - officer, general& summer version

Known Issues: None yet - let me know if there are any!
v1.0 - Initial upload

model credits to: Rebellion software

First Upload: December 23, 2021 Last Updated: December 23, 2021