Wolfenstein: The Old Blood for MP Male 1.1

Skin Clothing


Wolfenstein: the old blood uniforms for mp male, ripped off from the game

These are my first custom uniforms, so there might be some glitches, if there are other texture errors or requests, please feel free to leave comments.
If you want to reuse, reskin or edit, please contact me in advance

Requirements: OpenIV

Installation: Just rename and replace the files to go along with your wanted textures,
and it will show up in-game!

features: Emissive headset& infantry backpack!
Rank variosities for the commanders!
Texture varieties for the infantry
Mask variations for the infantry

Issues: backpack glitching when running
v1.0 - Initial upload
v1.1 - Fixed the backpack twitching. it now shines without twitching errors.
Fixed the glossiness of all parts when it is in the afternoon. now it is normal at all times.
Fixed the textures of the commander visor being one side dark and the other bright.
Fixed the emissive water canteen
.....More to come!

model credits to: Bethesda

First Upload: November 25, 2021 Last Updated: December 14, 2021