UK SAS (Military 1, 2 and 3 replacement) 2.2



**Update 07/01/2015**

I have included 3 colour packs (Grey, Black, Blue) as alot of people were asking for the original grey I did a the start and other colours.

Just choose teh folder of the colour you want and use those files to replace the existing Marine03.ytd's =)



**Update 02/01/15 - Finished textures***

Have finished the other textures so they are all black now.


This retexture (not much in the way of retexturing, more altering the colour and adding a flag and SAS badge) tries to make the Military models Military 1, Military 2, and Military 3 models look like the SAS. I have added a UK badge to their fronts in place of the US flag and and SAS patch to their arms.

Great for the 5 star wanted level mod. (Soon to be releasing a tuned UK version)

First Upload: January 02, 2016 Last Updated: January 07, 2016