Trevor as Classic Kane (WWE) 0.1a [WIP]



This is an early work in progress its a bit rough, but finished enough for a preview release. With that said I present to you classic KANE from wwe. I am having some issues with the mask, but I am working on It, I almost left it out, because for some reason its listed under feet, so when you put the mask on, trevor loses his feet!! Anyways, Ill be updating this as I go. Install instructions are in file. IMPORTANT. For some reason when I flat out replace the ytd files It corrupts my archive. I found it easirt to do when I open up the ytd file in openiv, in edit mode, and hit replace. When given the option to select which texture to use for the replacement select the ones from the archive file.

First Upload: September 23, 2015 Last Updated: September 23, 2015