The Batman:2022 Set (Addon-Peds W/Cloth& Batmobile and bike). 2.0

Skin Clothing Add-On Dc Comics Batman


Mod description:
hey guys it is finally here!!! the batman 2022!!! we are so happy to bring you this, for those who don't know us we are MTN 4456 and the Darth knight we have been posting here a while ago, a bunch of cool stuff but we started to put focus more on Patreon. BUT now we're back!!! and what a comeback is better than having The Batman himself!!! the new trailer was sick!!! so with that, all hype expresses your ideas your hype IN GTA go crazy make videos do anything!!!! you control the story in this GTA world!!. :).

this part of the set comes with-
batman from the new Batman movie 2022 starring Robert Pattinson.
the batmobile from the movie
and the batbike from the movie.

Bugs and features:
as far as I know, there aren't any bugs, should work fine!!, only at the cars there is a small issue when you drop them they will shake and move a bit. other than that should work well!.
as for features the model has white eyes, and works with the Julio NIB batman script!!! make sure to grab it here-
also the batmobile can Boost really fast if you click E in-game.

Summary of installation instructions:
if your new to all the addon peds well first download and install addon-Peds right here- /scripts/addonpeds-asi-pedselector

follow the videos and instructions there, then just do the same thing for any ped you want to install.

huge credit to the Darth knight!! one of my best friend, and working on this with him was a lot of fun, he did most of the heavy work, without him none of that would happen :) and since its an upload of both of us, I guess credit to myself too lol. and to our teacher and master and friend!!! the fuumasage for teaching both of us how to make peds and got us to where we are today, nothing would have happened if not for him :).

Patreon MTN-

Patreon The Darth Knight-

2.0 update- new batmobile has been added updated eyes for batman, to fit bruce and the movie, and new loading screen music has been also added!!! you can choose what you like most there are 3 themes in this update. huge thanks and credits to Samuel Kim for making these themes, make sure to look for him on youtube!! :).

First Upload: October 17, 2021 Last Updated: October 25, 2021