Resident Evil - Zombie RPD Officers 1.0

Emergency Fictional Add-On



Today I bring a retexture for Hoachin's retexture of Yard1's LSPD Beta cops to have RPD Uniforms. I later plan to release non zombified versions and even some EUP Clothing for freemode models.

Simply replace the copZ.ytd with the one in this archive. The install instructions for the original retexture mod are in that mod's archive.

Yard1's Mod: /player/beta-lspd-cop-ped-model

Original Retexture Mod:

If you have any suggestions for what I should zombify next let me know. I was considering doing some Raccoon City Paramedics and some Arklay County Sheriff models.

Usage on FiveM is not allowed unless approved by me. My discord is Anthronia 0001 if you wish to ask for permission.

First Upload: November 01, 2021 Last Updated: November 01, 2021