New Bapesta & Air Force 1 textures 1.0

Clothing Shoes


This downloads a few Bapestaz and Air Force 1 textures for officialjdixon's AF1 model
(Link to the model - /player/air-force-1)

Made these myself and while I've made lots of textures in the past, I decided to make an account and put these ones here since I'm really proud of them. There are multiple colors for the Bapestaz shown above, though only two new Air Force 1 textures.

Join my discord though it's more about streaming and less about textures.

You can download my Yard-Line pack from the Discord which includes lots of clothes and textures for them.

My discord server -

Special credits to the authors of ( who's textures were used as a template for some of the newer textures.

First Upload: January 15, 2022 Last Updated: January 16, 2022