Michael Myers - 2018 and Halloween Kills Retextures 1.0



Really enjoyed the COD Ghosts Michael Myers model, looks good, looks original, so it was better suited for the 2018 and HK skin. (ALSO MY FIRST SKIN MOD...EVER).

- Reskined original model mask to the 2018 mask (all the small detailes added, all the wrinkles, all the cracks acording to the source material - movie stills and promo art.)
- Reskined original model mask to match the 2021 HK mask (added the melted silicon, burned area acording to the source material - movie stills and promo art.)
- 2018 skin - enhanced suit quality (had a lot of visible pixels, had to give it a more clean look)
- as for Halloween Kills skin (added burns and melted fabric like look, also has a damaged look (added blood stains on shoulders and chest).
- detailed hands (left hand is bandaged with gore texture on last 2 fingers on 2018 skin as it was done parallel with Halloween Kills skin ), (still looks crappy in FPS because of the COD model texture).

Download Quechus13's Halloween Pack with Michael Myers ped from here:
https://ro.gta5-hub.com/player/halloween-pack , install it, then replace the MMyers.ytd with the .ytd file you'll find in the archive downloaded from here.

P.S.: As it is my fisrt skin mod, please be free to criticise it all you want, i'll be glad to read all of your recomenadtions.

First Upload: November 24, 2021 Last Updated: November 29, 2021