Lisa Hamilton Retex 1.2

Skin Clothing


NOTE: NOTE: This texture has been added you can choose between texture 1 and 2

download Lisa Hamilton + Full facial animation (Author @Rarefacer) 1.2 to replace file

Install: replace file lisahamilton.ytd
mods> udpdate> x64> dlcpacks> addonpeds> dlc.rpf> peds.rpf> lisahamilton.ytd

Replace the example a_f_y_tourist_01 or any
female modification or ped. > Update> x64> dlcpacks> mppatchesng> dlc.rpf> x64> templates> cdimages> mppatches.rpf> a_f_y_tourist_01.ytd

mods> x64v.rpf> models> cdimages> componentpeds_a_f_y.rpf> a_f_y_tourist_01 .ytd

Credits for the author of (@Rarefacer)

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First Upload: June 01, 2018 Last Updated: June 01, 2018