Joni [Add-On] 1.1

Skin Add-On Gta Iv


-- Joni Ped --

I figured she'd go well with my Luis conversion. Her rigging isn't the best. I'm far better with male characters.

-- Installation --

1. To install, drag and drop the update folder to your mods folder (Grand Theft Auto V/Mods/)
2. Open up your update.rpf in the mods folder, edit your dlclist and add "joni" as an entry to the list.
3. Spawn Joni ingame via a trainer.
4. Enjoy her and probably use the hot coffee script!

-- Change log --

1.0 (10/30/17) - Initial release.

-- Misc --

Made by theNGclan. 10/30/17. You can upload this anywhere ONLY if you credit me.

If you like my mods, please consider donating via PayPal. While I do sometimes take requests, I focus on mainly adding lore-friendly content, so please give me the time needed to create more awesome content!

First Upload: October 30, 2017 Last Updated: October 31, 2017