Connie Maheswaran [Add-On Ped] [MMD V] v1.0

Skin Add-On


Change-log v1.0
• Initial version, contains both Connie in her normal clothes and in her battle outfit

• 2 Models (Connie casual and battle Connie) combined into one ped
• Fully rigged/full facial animation

• TDA and bubblestar-chan for creating the base for this
Actual model made by JoeySandbag for MikuMikuDance
• Rigging, converting, texturing, and ped testing by Rarefacer (aka the one who actually worked in making this into a working ped)
• Commissioned and uploaded to the GTA 5 Mods website by MrRobtastic

Additional items
• If you want to use the sword shown in the picture, download it here: /weapons/rose-s-sword

First Upload: September 26, 2017 Last Updated: September 27, 2017