Charcoal Tracksuit for Michael 1.1

Clothing Michael


Simple charcoal tracksuit ported from Franklin and retextured to fit Michael's ruthless sociopathy. Gives him a true wiseguy look. Replaces the Epsilon Suit, although, if you want to replace another outfit, just say which in the comments and I will provide you with the numbers. Includes backup.

Props to whoever gets the reference of the 1st&2nd screenshot.

-With OpenIV.asi, head to x64v.rpf
-Find player_zero.rpf inside streamed_players.rpf
-Replace the files inside
-You are all set, now use the outfit with any trainer (feet will be invisible, add the sneakers included if you unlocked the Epsilon Medal for the outfit).

(1.1) - Added sneaker models to replace the Epsilon Medal

First Upload: May 23, 2015 Last Updated: May 23, 2015