Carl Johnson Audio and Model Replacement Overhaul for Franklin 2.5



CJ Voice and Model Overhaul for Franklin made by me xXcalvin54Xx.

Original CJ Model by Legenddarrio9991.
Player Switch by zZ ALEXEN Zz
Rockstar Bootlogo and SA loadingscreens by xXcalvin54Xx
OIV Made by xXcalvin54Xx
and Much love and respect to GJ1996 ( GJGamingBro )
for his support and knowledge on helping and guiding me.

Now includes Model and Audio OIV's.
Updated lines towards chop and lines between Carl and Michael during certain story mode progression best works with 100% completion when on hang outs with Michael.
Version 3.0 will include the finished story mode lines for hangouts with Trevor and Lamar.

DO NOT REUPLOAD ANYWHERE! ITS only on GTA Inside and GTA5 Mods, which will have a rar file with a download link to my googledrive.

Feel free to leave a video review and give me a big mention!
I have a youtube channel xXcalvin54Xx with the showcase video on there.

i have been working on this for nearly a year now, i made a rough version for myself last year and for the past 4 months have been reworking it and making it a complete replacement for franklin in gta 5, all freemode lines have been changed to CJ.
im currently working on reworking the Scripted lines used in missions and other lines in game, its a long process having to find the lines but i will try my best to replace everything!

Big shout outs to GJ1996 for his knowledge and direction on what audio editing tool to use and for giving me the San Andreas audio banks folder.
His insight into the modding world has been a great great help! he has also devloped his own CJ voice mod for Lamar used with the HD Universe CJ Ped please go check him out,

Also big shout out to Legendario9991 for his CJ Ped model from San Andreas. i prefer this model to the HD universe one but only downside is no facial movement in cutscenes only.
I simply Renamed the folder to Player_One and the ymt files to be used for Franklin.

Another big shout out to zZ ALEXEN Zz for his CJ switch icon for franklin! lovely work.

I have made the phone picture for the contact list myself.
Also changed franklins name to CJ. Not sure how to change it in the main menu, name doesn't show at all. if you are Michael or Trevor and go to ring franklin it will now be under

First Upload: May 04, 2021 Last Updated: January 11, 2022