Becky cop from Hidden Agenda [Add-On Ped] 1.0

Skin Add-On


This is my first add-on ped mod. It's becky in her cop uniform from the game "Hidden Agenda". Took a whole ton of time to do as it was my first mod.

1. Install AddonPeds :
2. Place ped files to update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds\dlc.rpf\peds.rpf\
3.Attention! Add dlcpacks:/addonpeds/ in mods\Update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml
3. Open AddonPedsEditor.exe and add ped to the list, using streamed - "false"

medium/high quality model
Facial rigging (partial-just a testout)

Rigging bones not perfect
Facial rigging has a little bit of issues
Finger(?) rigging needs to be fixed

If you want to use this model for videos or other usage, please ask me in advance.
Credits to: Supermassive Games

First Upload: January 01, 2022 Last Updated: January 01, 2022