Baddie Crop Top Retextures For MP Female v1.0

Clothing Shirt Africa


????Single Player & FiveM Ready????

⭐This is a Baddie themed retexture for a Crop Top

⭐There are 24 different textures.

⭐Read me file is included, but also here are the instructions for usage:

1. Extract the files.
2. Open OpenIV
3. Enable "Edit mode"
4. Drag and drop files here:

1. Extract the files.
2. Place the ydd and ytd files in the folder where you stream your clothing from.
**Start up the server then it should work in the server!**

Where to find it:
Torso_1: 222
Torso_2: 0 - 23

⭐Terms Of Use:
- Please do not re upload my work.
- Do not sell my work.
- You may share a link to my download.

???? Let me know in the comments what you think and also feel free to leave suggestions!! ????Please tag me in any Instagram posts with one of my retextures @hailey.rae.longfield ????

???? PrettyPoison ????

First Upload: November 24, 2021 Last Updated: November 24, 2021