Deutsches Rotes Kreuz NRW Crafter RTW 1.1

Emergency Livery Fictional


GER: Vw Crafter von Katastrophen Schutz Nordrhein Westfalen
ENG:Vw Crafter from Disaster Protection North Rhine Westphalia
ENG: installation instructions in readme
GER: Installationsanleitung in Readme

Original Model :
3D Model Bought From - Hum3d
Federal Signal Legend - RoegonTV
Ambulance Interior - I think TeamMoh, Correct me if I'm wrong
Whelen 500 Series TIR 6 Super LED - tomcat8492
Converted to GTA 5 - AchillesDKPoliceMods
Template - AchillesDKPoliceMods
Added Emergency Lights and Equipment - AchillesDKPoliceMods

Skin: EmergencyCat911
Screenshots By : EmergencyCat911

First Upload: December 05, 2020 Last Updated: December 05, 2020