Custom Plates 1.0

License Plate


Made 5 simple custom plates and thought why not share them?

This pack contains 5 plates:
- 2 Los Santos plates
- 1 Classic Vehicle plate
- 1 Blaine County plate
- 1 Government plate

All of them are custom made from scratch by me, didn't add screws for a cleaner look but you can add them easily via photoshop or any photo editor.

1- for offline use:
Open OpenIV and go to GTA V Windows
Enable Edit Mode
Search for ''yehshare.ytd''
Edit ''yehshare.ytd'' and replace whatever plates you like with mine.

2- for FiveM use nathangladney script.

Bugs: no depth effects

First Upload: December 20, 2021 Last Updated: December 20, 2021