Trevor's Arrest & Search Warrant 1.0

Scene Map Editor


-Features more drugs, weapons & assets then my previous.

I recently made a map for Franklin's arrest Warrant it was featured by Elanip. So i decided to go ahead and make another one for Trevor. Trevor was just minding his business, running TP inc. Someone has talked about his business, about the drugs, money and the police have intercepted. :)

The ENB /misc/crystalreality-project

You need *Won't work correctly without them*
Map Editor
Script Hook V
Script Hook

Installation instructions
1. Drag the .xml file into your main directory (containing GTA5.exe)
2. Start Grand Theft Auto V and press "F7" in game to get the map editor UI, then type the .xml file name into the search, or select it via the file chooser.

~ Delta3LPC

First Upload: November 22, 2016 Last Updated: November 22, 2016