The Pacific Standard Heist [Map Editor] 1.2

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The Pacific Standard Job has gone horribly wrong. Super long GTA Online heist loading screens and incompetent randoms have trapped you inside the bank for hours. As you gave your crew a piece of your mind over the mic, the cops responded in massive force. Unfortunately for them, budget cuts mean that most of them only have combat pistols. Place yourself in the bank and escape from the terrifying game mode known as GTA Online Heists.

Instructions to load:
-Drag a xml file into your GTA V directory.
-Open GTA 5, and disable traffic/cars BEFORE you load the map.
-Open the Map Editor Menu, select Load Map, XML, and type in "pacificstandard" without the quotation marks.

Guadmaz's Map Editor: /scripts/map-editor
A trainer that allows you to disable traffic/peds, such as sjaak327's Simple Trainer:

Important Stuff:
-Cops will fire on you as soon as you discharge a weapon.
-There are three exits: Up the stairs behind the tellers desk to the roof, through the marker at the East entrance, or through
the doors at the West intersection entrance.
-Cops cannot enter through the East doors, but you can exit or enter through the markers there.
-All pickups except for the wallets and weapons of hostages constantly replenish, including ammo, health, armor, and cash from
the vault.

Low Performance:
17 Pickups
12 Markers
21 World
124 Props
24 Vehicles
62 Peds

Medium Performance:
28 Pickups
12 Markers
25 World
252 Props
51 Vehicles
135 Peds

1.2 Changelog [Final]
-Up the stairs behind the tellers, there is an exit to the roof, where you can escape by helicopter.
-Police cannot enter through the second door, but you can enter and exit through the yellow markers.
-Added more pickups
-Fixed wallet respawning issue
-Made glowing arrows under snipers more obvious
-Getaway vehicles are placed more strategically
-Other minor improvements

v1.1 Changelog:
-Added hostages
-Added low performance version
-Added weapons, health, armor, and cash pickups
-Added snipers, with convenient glowing arrows under them
-Added a few easter eggs
-More dynamic props
-More onlookers
-More cars and cops
-Locked second (East) entrance to the bank. Cops can now only enter through the front entrance (West intersection)
-Made command centre more realistic
-Removed wire fences
-Replaced identical traffic cops with normal cops
-Other minor improvements

First Upload: January 23, 2016 Last Updated: August 30, 2016