Sawmill [Roleplay] 2.0

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So, the mill...

Let's assume that You (the character) found on the previous map (Valuable cargo) information about another terminal of the smugglers, which is located just at the sawmill...

I chose large area around the sawmill.
On the screenshots you can see a very small part of the map. There are a little more screenshots in the archive. All of the objects you can see only during the play.

Inside the mill there is a secret room where the smugglers are hiding weapons and rare finds (perhaps they are of alien origin).

The archive has two files: with neutral and aggressive characters.

Actually, I created this map so that she could go in stealth mode without setting the alarm. You can attack openly. But! In any case, be careful in the grass waiting for you snipers)
Quite fun to play in the evening, at night, in rainy weather

You can explore map from the all sides, because everywhere someone is waiting for you...

Oh yeah... I forgot, somewhere near the sawmill you can find the Yeti.

In this version 2.0:
- fixed minor bugs
- added boxes of update "Finance and felony"
- reworked the checkpoints
- reworked the main room
- various improvements

In the archive there are two files - aggressive and neutral
- The screenshot folder
- Folder with the old version
- My "Object list"

You must have:
- the latest version of the program "Map Editor" (
- the latest version of "Menyoo"( or working script "gtamp-unlock-all-objects.asi"

- else part of the map won't be load :(

Installation of the map:
1) you need to have a working script
"gtamp-unlock-all-objects.asi" or component "Menyoo.asi", or even the program "Menyoo".
2) Put the files .xml in your main gta v
3)Turn on the map editor.
4) load map xml
5) Be happy!

I can describe this map for a long time, so just play and look yourself. I hope you will enjoy it))

First Upload: July 26, 2016 Last Updated: August 29, 2016